Wine Related

  1. 2-piece bar tool set 247320

    2-piece bar tool set
    Jamie's bar tools set is great for opening your favourite bottle of beer or wine. Supplied in Jamie...

    From£10.77 EACH

  2. 2-piece wine set 46761

    2-piece wine set
    Wine set including a waitress knife and bottle stopper with pouring function. Presented in a gift...

    From£1.97 EACH

  3. 4-piece cheese gift set 47258

    4-piece cheese gift set
    Wooden serving plate and 3 cheese knives including a cheese slicer, knife with fork tip and a knife...

    From£8.12 EACH

  4. Aston Wine Stopper 179887

    Aston Wine Stopper
    Rubberized lower section with shiny top area

    From£4.62 EACH

  5. BACOOL 220491

    Cooler bag in transparent PVC for one bottle. Put the cooler in the freezer before using and it...

    From£2.14 EACH

  6. Baron 12-bottle wine fridge 247317

    Baron 12-bottle wine fridge
    Wine fridge for storage of up to 12 bottles of wine. Temperature control switch located on the...

    From£112.02 EACH

  7. Belgio 2-piece Wine Opener and Pourer Ensemble 218858

    Belgio 2-piece Wine Opener and Pourer Ensemble
    Two-piece set includes waitress corkscrew and a bottle pourer/stopper combination presented in a...

    From£3.85 EACH

  8. Belgio 4-piece wine set 46710

    Belgio 4-piece wine set
    Wine gift set with waitress knife, bottle stopper, drip stopper and wine pourer. Presented in a...

    From£4.99 EACH

  9. Belgio 5-piece wine set 46760

    Belgio 5-piece wine set
    Gift set with waitress knife, thermometer, drip stopper, bottle stopper and a bottle coaster....

    From£9.89 EACH

  10. BOTI 220671

    Stainless steel bottle cooler with AS plastic outside, double wall in round shape.

    From£6.87 EACH

  11. Bottle Coaster & Pourer, Celebration 80237428

    Bottle Coaster & Pourer Celebration
    These wine accessory sets in wooden presentation boxes provide the perfect way to present useful...

    From£45.85 EACH

  12. Bottle Coaster & Wine Pourer, William Morris 80237429

    Bottle Coaster & Wine Pourer William Morris
    These wine accessory sets in wooden presentation boxes provide the perfect way to present useful...

    From£45.85 EACH

  13. Cento waitress knife 47322

    Cento waitress knife
    Waitress knife with foil cutter and bottle opener. Stainless steel

    From£0.91 EACH

  14. Chablis Wine Set 248595

    Chablis Wine Set
    Deluxe wooden six piece boxed wine gift set containing lever corkscrew, replacement screw, foil...

    From£14.85 EACH

  15. Champagne Stopper 95230

    Champagne Stopper
    Chrome plated champagne stopper. Simple to use and effective. Supplied in lidded gift box.

    From£3.56 EACH

  16. Cheese Platter 211779

    Cheese Platter
    The looks stunning on any table or worktop. Includes five pieces of ceramic cheese markers ensuring...

    From£18.97 EACH

  17. Cielo wine cooler 46722

    Cielo wine cooler
    Stainless steel double walled wine cooler. Stainless steel

    From£9.15 EACH

  18. COOLIO 220516

    Double wall stainless steel bottle cooler in round shape.

    From£9.45 EACH

  19. Copano single lever corkscrew 46666

    Copano single lever corkscrew
    Lever corkscrew presented in a gift box. Metal

    From£10.31 EACH

  20. Cork Extractor & Pourer, Celebration 80237425

    Cork Extractor & Pourer Celebration
    These wine accessory sets in wooden presentation boxes provide the perfect way to present useful...

    From£33.48 EACH

  21. COSTI#RES 220183

    Wine set in wooden gift box with space for one wine bottle. Includes bottle collar, pourer,...

    From£11.08 EACH

  22. Coulan Wine cooler 116634

    Coulan Wine cooler
    Double-walled stainless steel wine cooler presented in a Paul Bocuse gift box. Exclusive design....

    From£18.91 EACH

  23. DECANTY 220745

    Wine decanter used to enhance the flavour of the wine. Made of AS and rubber. Includes holder.

    From£8.32 EACH

  24. Double wine cooler 75347

    Double wine cooler
    Acrylic design wine cooler for two bottles.

    From£13.87 EACH

  25. Duras 8-bottle wine fridge 116642

    Duras 8-bottle wine fridge
    Stores maximum of 8 bottles of wine. The temperature switch inside allows you to set the correct...

    From£93.35 EACH

  26. Executive 2-piece wine box 47248

    Executive 2-piece wine box
    Wine box with bottle stopper and waitress knife. Presented in a gift box and including logo plate....

    From£9.61 EACH

  27. Executive 9-piece wine set 46648

    Executive 9-piece wine set
    Luxury wooden gift box with 2 wine stoppers, drip stopper, thermometer, foil cutter, funnel, lever...

    From£21.53 EACH

  28. FAST BOTTLE 215306

    Bottle opener in design of a sports car, with keyring, aluminium, matt

    From£3.29 EACH

  29. FASTOP 220424

    Electric bottle opener in ABS housing in black matt finish. Includes a foil cutter stand. 4 AA...

    From£11.60 EACH

  30. Fiesta Wine Cup 247408

    Fiesta Wine Cup
    Single walled wine cup with bottle opener. Compact and easy to assemble. Enjoy your wine while...

    From£2.14 EACH

  31. Flow 2pc wine set 211774

    Flow 2pc wine set
    Exclusive design wine pouring spout and stopper set. The pourer ensures controlled, non-drip...

    From£6.77 EACH

  32. Flow 4-piece wine set 211773

    Flow 4-piece wine set
    Exclusively designed wine set offering all wine essentials for opening, serving and preserving your...

    From£18.28 EACH

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