1. 12 Inch Cricket Bat 211583

    12 Inch Cricket Bat
    12 inch cricket bat with black handle. Ideal as a Signature Bat or Promotional Gift for Children....


  2. 17 Inch Cricket Bat 211582

    17 Inch Cricket Bat
    17 inch cricket bat with black handle. Ideal as a Signature Bat or Promotional Gift for Children....


  3. 3 Prong Flyer Frisbee 70281418

    3 Prong Flyer Frisbee
    The 3 Prong Flyer has 3 print areas that are included in one print

    From£1.02 EACH

  4. App pedometer 155143

    App pedometer
    Light and compact pedometer connecting with Bluetooth 4.0 to your iPhone (4S or more recent). You...

    From£18.02 EACH

  5. Badminton Set Aldrim 162124

    Badminton Set Aldrim
    Badminton set. 2 rackets, 2 shuttlecocks.


  6. Bicycle bag with reflectors, tools and repair kit and an aluminium drinking bottle 50398278

    Bicycle bag with reflectors tools and repair kit and an aluminium drinking bottle
    Bicycle bag with reflectors, practical velcro attachments, bag with zip, consists of pump, tools...


  7. Bike repair kit 47280

    Bike repair kit
    15-piece multi-tool with 2 tyre levers, sander, glue and stickers including pouch with reflective...

    From£5.15 EACH

  8. Body Flag 002103280

    Body Flag
    The body flag is pefect for all sporting events and will certainly get any logo noticed.


  9. Budget Nylon Flyer & Pouch 92714

    Budget Nylon Flyer & Pouch
    The Budget Nylon Flyer can be printed 1 colour on the flyer only. Available in White red blue and...

    From£0.55 EACH

  10. Cap 30877313

    Gailes FLEXFIT relaxed baseball cap in brushed cotton.

    From£7.86 EACH

  11. Cap 30877315

    Melrose structured baseball cap in brushed cotton.

    From£6.14 EACH

  12. Colorado Duo Sports Pack 4063001

    Colorado Duo Sports Pack
    Made of 210D polyester, drawstring closure and front / back reversible.

    From£0.85 EACH

  13. Cricket Bat Banger Sticks 212118

    Cricket Bat Banger Sticks
    CRICKET BAT BANGER STICK. Inflatable Clapper Stick in the shape of a cricket bat. 580x140mm....


  14. Electric Pump 23625

    Electric Pump
    Mitre 240V Quite Running Electric Compressor, 1400rpm.Balls are manufactured in our factory to any...


  15. Fan Cape 212116

    Fan Cape
    Polyester with velcro fastening. Perfect for national events and sports events. Material:75D...


  16. Fob watch with carabiner, bottle opener and compass 20572906

    Fob watch with carabiner bottle opener and compass
    Clip on fob watch with compass. Shower proof.

    From£6.42 EACH

  17. Foldable Frisbee 58902

    Foldable Frisbee
    Folding nylon flying disc with pouch. EN71 approved

    From£0.37 EACH

  18. Full Size Cricket Ball 002103287

    Full Size Cricket Ball
    A full size official weight promotional cricket ball. Perfect for cricket clubs or an execuative...


  19. Hat 30877290

    Pentland Pull on Knitted hat with fleece lining

    From£5.94 EACH

  20. Hever Sports Holdall 002103034

    Hever Sports Holdall
    Durable sports/travel bag made from REACH compliant* 600d polyester, which means the fabric is...

    From£5.60 EACH

  21. Hever Sports Holdall 002108720

    Hever Sports Holdall
    Durable sports / travel bag made from REACH compliant* 300 x 250D polyester. Complete with zipped...

    From£4.96 EACH

  22. Inflatable ball 30386281

    Inflatable ball
    Inflatable ball with football design, 18" deflated.


  23. Karu baseball cap 196850

    Karu baseball cap
    100% cotton natural colour baseball cap with velcro closure.

    From£0.90 EACH

  24. LED Shoe Light 224653

    LED Shoe Light
    LED safety light which securely fastens to the heal of your shoe for increased visability when out...

    From£2.90 EACH

  25. Lightweight Nylon Flyer & Pouch 70833727

    Lightweight Nylon Flyer & Pouch
    The pop up flyer comes packed in a small pouch and costs include print on both pouch and flyer in...

    From£0.77 EACH

  26. Magic ball 30386241

    Magic ball
    Magic ball with 2 colours: black/green and blue/orange.


  27. Maraca 189262

    Coloured plastic single maraca. bEN71 approved

    From£0.53 EACH

  28. Microfibre Sports Towel 186878

    Microfibre Sports Towel
    Lightweight and compact sports towel super absorbant and quick drying remaining soft to the touch...

    From£0.88 EACH

  29. Mini Cricket Bat 30539953

    Mini Cricket Bat
    12 inch cricket bat with black handle. Ideal as a Signature Bat or Promotional Gift for Children....


  30. Mini Cricket Stump 30539951

    Mini Cricket Stump
    Mini Cricket Stumps. Stumps and bails secured in wooden base. 210mm X 115mm Made from wood. Minimum...


  31. Mini Hand Pump 23628

    Mini Hand Pump
    Ideal for Advertising Gift/ Sporting Events - Can be supplied with promotional Balls


  32. Mini Sports Kit 002103288

    Mini Sports Kit
    A miniature sport kit is a great promotional product for any sports related promotion. Can be...


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