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  1. 11oz white photo mug. 193755

    11oz white photo mug.
    11oz white dishwasher safe photo mug.

    From£1.56 EACH

  2. 340ml Transparent coloured plastic mug. 226038

    340ml Transparent coloured plastic mug.
    340 ml transparent coloured plastic mug with a 180ml snack compartment in the top and a drinking...

    From£2.77 EACH

  3. 3 piece appetiser set. 218501

    3 piece appetiser set.
    3 piece appetiser set. Bamboo and silicone. Comes in gift box. Bowls: 87 x 87 x 50 mm , Base: 300 x...

    From£3.61 EACH

  4. 500ml Stainless steel tumbler. 138362

    500ml Stainless steel tumbler.
    500ml Stainless steel double walled travel tumbler with a silicone centre band.

    From£2.85 EACH

  5. 500ml Vacuum flask 60898574

    500ml Vacuum flask
    Double walled 500ml capacity vacuum flask which can be poured without removing the lid.

    From£5.15 EACH

  6. 520ml Stainless steel mug 96013637

    520ml Stainless steel mug
    Stainless steel travel mug with a 520ml capacity and a plastic handle and lid.

    From£2.37 EACH

  7. 550ml Plastic cocktail shaker 226048

    550ml Plastic cocktail shaker
    550ml Plastic cocktail shaker with integral strainer.

    From£1.34 EACH

  8. ABEL 220656

    ABS bottle opener with football printing on top, with magnet on the back.

    From£0.49 EACH

  9. ALANNA 220307

    Kitchen timer with magnet and clip at the back. Displays time, alarm, count up and down timer. 1 x...

    From£1.93 EACH

  10. ALEX 220668

    5 colourful kitchen tools: spatula, ladle, spoon, tongs and whisk.

    From£7.99 EACH

  11. AluLite lighter 156771

    AluLite lighter
    Aluminum, quality refillable lighter with adjustable flame. (see also 4467, this is the same item...

    From£1.07 EACH

  12. Aluminium photo frame 002102581

    Aluminium photo frame
    Oblong shaped aluminium photo frame with a 10cm x 15cm (4" x 6") photo size.

    From£3.04 EACH

  13. Aluminium purse/credit card holder. 193679

    Aluminium purse/credit card holder.
    Aluminium ladies purse/credit card holder with nine various size pockets and a mirror.

    From£2.05 EACH

  14. Amuse giftset 156750

    Amuse giftset
    Amuse bouche gift set: 4 porcelain amuse bouche spoons and 4 glasses on a slate platter. Each set...

    From£6.45 EACH

  15. Apron. 158725

    Apron. Non-woven laminated: 80 g/m. 490 x 690 mm

    From£0.43 EACH

  16. Apron. 158728

    Apron. TC: 150 g/m. Adjustable. With 2 pockets. 650 x 850 mm , Pocket: 170 x 180 mm

    From£2.20 EACH

  17. Apron 146131

    Cotton apron (130g/m squared) with pocket.

    From£1.69 EACH

  18. Apron. 185017

    Apron. Non-woven: 80 g/m. With 1 pocket. 490 x 685 mm , Pocket: 230 x 175 mm

    From£0.39 EACH

  19. Apron. 158721

    Apron. 100% cotton. With 1 pocket. 600 x 900 mm , Pocket: 250 x 200 mm

    From£1.13 EACH

  20. Apron. 158727

    Apron. TC: 180 g/m. Adjustable. With 1 pocket. 650 x 850 mm , Pocket: 280 x 220 mm

    From£2.35 EACH

  21. Apron. 158723

    Apron. TC: 145 g/m. Adjustable. With 2 pockets. 650 x 900 mm , Inner pocket: 80 x 140 mm , Outer...

    From£2.04 EACH

  22. Ashtray Orku 240293

    Ashtray Orku
    Ashtray on a tripod stand.

    From£21.65 EACH

  23. Ashtray Orku 227662

    Ashtray Orku
    Ashtray on a tripod stand.

    From£21.65 EACH

  24. AutoMug mug 156789

    AutoMug mug
    Stackable mug made of high quality ceramic. Capacity 250 ml.

    From£0.76 EACH

  25. BACCHUS 219515

    BACCHUS is a silicone slap on wine thermometer.Just put it around your wine bottle and it will tell...

    From£3.77 EACH

  26. Bag Holder Taker 227760

    Bag Holder Taker
    Plastic shopping bag hanger.

    From£0.35 EACH

  27. Bag Holder Taker 240391

    Bag Holder Taker
    Plastic shopping bag hanger.

    From£0.35 EACH

  28. BALMORAL 220419

    100 % acrylic blanket with tartan design with PVC belt holder.

    From£9.91 EACH

  29. Bamboo Board chopping board 156749

    Bamboo Board chopping board
    Quality bamboo chopping board with a circular groove for meat and/or fruit juices. Each piece in a...

    From£3.68 EACH

  30. Bamboo Serving 183778

    Bamboo Serving
    Beautiful bamboo serving board. With loop and finishing top layer of vegetarian soybean oil. Each...

    From£2.88 EACH

  31. Bamboo set Pitcher and cups 167084

    Bamboo set Pitcher and cups
    Bamboo set: pitcher with four cups. Biodegradable. A responsible promotional product! Content 130cl.

    From£8.54 EACH

  32. Bar apron. 158729

    Bar apron.
    Bar apron. TC: 150 g/m. With 2 pockets. 900 x 480 mm , Pocket: 200 x 195 mm

    From£1.59 EACH